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TIME4Life is a UK-based organisation which promotes the treatment and care of people in Palestine with neurological disorders.    It does this in particular by

If you run a care home in Palestine that cares for people with these disorders and would like help of the sort described above, please contact TIME4Life. [CLICK HERE to send us an email.  We will get back to you as soon as possible].

TIME4Life also makes grants to care homes in Palestine which care for patients with neurological disorders.    The grants are intended to support the homes in recruiting a qualified member of staff or training an unqualified member of staff to use the educational or therapeutic equipment provided by TIME4Life (or others).

For more details about the grant, please CLICK HERE to download the grant application form.  

> giving advice on education and therapy

> identifying and buying suitable educational and therapeutic equipment

> supplying the equipment free of cost

Mail: grants@time4life.org.uk?subject=Grant Information Grants.pdf