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In October 2015 a group of three trustees and one supporter visited a home in Bethany, West Bank for three days.  The visit was entirely at their own expense with no charge to the charity or the home.  The home in question was ‘The Four Homes of Mercy’.

The Four Homes of Mercy provide 24 hour home and rehabilitation services to 70 or so men, women and children with profound and multiple disabilities.

The objects of the visit were;

       1 To give practical help

2  To present a donation for the cost of the physiotherapist

3  To deliver much needed medical supplies

4  To understand how the home operates

5  To see the physiotherapist and support her in her work

6  To build cross-national and cross-cultural relationships that will enable smooth and efficient                      working between the home and the charity.

The physiotherapist, Reham, was doing a really great job in her work with the residents.  She had developed an exercise pattern for each one and was achieving very good results.

The need for tidying the grounds became apparent to the team when one of them was asked to take a resident for a ‘walk’ in his wheelchair.  Little is done in keeping the grounds as a good facility for the residents. The home explained that funds did not stretch to proper care and maintenance of the grounds.

The visiting team knew beforehand that there was maintenance work to do on the the wheelchairs.  We started on one wheelchair, finding spares from old wheelchairs found in the basement, and before long had a queue of residents wanting their wheelchairs repaired, adjusted or adapted.  The smiles on their faces when the repairs were completed was worth its weight in gold!!!

On the third day of our visit we were ‘instructed’ to attend a birthday party for two of the residents.  The homes funds do not stretch to these kind of events and they are organised by a local volunteer who raises funds from his work mates and friends.  Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the party including the singing and dancing.