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TIME4Life is a U.K. Charity based in the Home Counties North of London.  We exist to offer aid to homes in the West Bank (Palestine).  Our aim is to make life better for residents with learning and physical disability.  Currently we offer support and grants for the Four Homes of Mercy in Bethany. During a visit we noticed an opportunity to improve educational and therapy provision by providing them with a range of toys and equipment.   On the next visit we were able to hand over equipment that we had bought for them.    It became clear that the residents would make further progress if they had a physiotherapist at the home and so have given them a grant to pay the salary of a physiotherapist for 5 years. Meantime we have also taken them much needed medical supplies.  We have visited the home repairing wheelchairs that needed urgent repairs and maintenance.  Click here for further information on our 2015 visit. We raise funds through various events such as ‘Open House Coffee Mornings’, ‘Quiz Evenings’ and direct donations from the public and other organisations.

Time4Life is a registered charity.

Our register number is: